Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lowest IDD Rates: GLOBE IDD Sakto Calls

I made short calls to Australia and US to talk to foreign clients and was surprised that I only have a very low amount consumed and deducted from my Pre-paid Load. Globe has finally made me so satisfied and amazed with their promo on the lowest call rates abroad. I have never been so happy with Globe's services.

One more thing, yesterday I got updated, real time emails and prompt replies from their Customer Care/Support Team and was able to keep me posted with my G-Cash Card concerns. And I am quite glad that, I guess, GLOBE has somewhat improved their customer care services. Keep it up! :-)

This service is ideal for short calls since the call from the Philippines is being charged by the second. It is easy to avail of this service, the caller from the Philippines, using a mobile phone, only dials 12800+country code+area code+phone number. Very easy, so affordable.

The Globe Landline IDD Sakto Calls gives discounted per second charging for calls to the United States, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, China, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Kuwait, and Equatorial Guinea.
Calls to the rest of the world are charged on a per minute basis at the regular rate of $0.40 per minute or around P18 per minute.

The service combines the convenience of per second charging and the affordability of a cheaper calling rate. It is ideal for those who do not need to stay long on the phone since they will only be charged for the airtime consumed.

At the same time, the discounted rate to select destinations makes calling abroad much more affordable.

To use the IDD Sakto Calls, Globe Landline postpaid subscribers need to complete the following dialing sequence: 12800 + + + while Globe Landline prepaid subscribers need to complete the following dialing sequence: 12898 + 12800 + + + .

The 12800 dialing prefix will replace the “+” or “00” that precedes an international number. Without the 12800 prefix, subscribers will be charged the regular IDD rate. No registration is needed.

At the same time, the Globe IDD Sakto Calls is available to all Globe postpaid, Globe prepaid and TM mobile subscribers who can also enjoy the P0.15 per second IDD rate to the same destinations.


For only P0.15 centavos per second IDD calls to top 15 destination abroad.
Dial 12800(country code)(area code)(phone number)

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wilab baliw said...

when im calling my love ones to taiwan is this the proper format dialing? 12800886xxxxxx?