Friday, February 25, 2011

EDSA at 25: What They Have in Mind

What I have in mind: Let's remember EDSA for what it's worth to the millions of Filipinos from different walks of life, who marched, prayed, and hoped for a better country.

Scenario: The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) asks young people what they know about the 1986 People Power revolution.

"The PCIJ asks college students what they know about the 1986 People Power revolt. Results were surprising. Is EDSA Revolution even in our history books?" - PCIJ video blog.

Very true as it may seem, what these college students have in their minds is quite alarming. I am about to write a blog post to feature and highlight 1986 EDSA Revolution, 25 years after until I got a chance to peek into this PCIJ video.

Watching the video and listening to what they have to say make me realize that we don't need to spend much, million of pesos to celebrate this very historical event and might as well spend those special funds to improve our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM as this is to motivate and inspire everyone in the academe.

But wait, don't get me wrong here, I am definitely not up to going against EDSA 25 celebrations. I just want to raise the issue: there are lots of MORE important things and national concerns to deal with. Here's my own list:

Discipline. Corruption. Education. Health. Politics. Governance. Pollution. Poverty.

The meaning and substance of people power is one of the treasures and legacy that our people should be thankful of. However, people especially those who run the government seems to be indifferent to this value and meaning. On a personal note, I believe all that's happening today are the by-products of what happened before, generation to generation, one government to another. Nothing much has actually changed. But it is not the people but OUR ways of tolerating these issues of corruption, injustices and discrimination at all levels.

Well, I just want to share his thoughts as it makes sense to me. :-)

Going back to what has happened this last quarter of a century, we need to first answer these basic questions: 1) Do we have better quality education now? 2) Is there less corruption? 3) Is there less poverty? 4) Are there more jobs domestically? 5) How is the peace and order situation? 6) Is there a more efficient rendering by government of basic services? 7) Have we matured as voters? 8) Have we licked the insurgency problem? 9) Have we straightened out problems within the PNP and AFP? 10) Have the promises and vows made in 1986 (a quarter of a century ago!) been fulfilled? If we do a life-style check on all those that served in government the last 25 years under Cory, FVR, Erap, GMA, including all their respective Kamag-anak Inc. and cronies, what do you think the findings would be? And finally, what is it we are celebrating and who are we going to be fooling again?

Read more of him and his ideas here.

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