Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Flexible and Versatile Professional

Something new, cool and very different...

This really seems to be a new home for me, new industry, new field of work, new colleagues, and new acquaintances, new me.

I really don’t know yet if I can stand the ultimate shift of career; I also don’t know if how long I can last in my new office. So many changes, so sudden, these things haven’t sunk in yet but one thing is for sure, right now I am beginning to love the people around me.

True enough, this can be a very good avenue for me to face my fears, deal with some challenges, and most of all, adopt and learn how to accomplish very “extreme” tasks.

I used to be the “boss” in my previous work experiences, well not now. Though my new colleagues would say that I am now they say that I am the company’s little boss, I am still having a hard time embracing the new career path for me.

This is very odd as I never plan/wish to work with a very minimal amount of salary. Honestly, what I’ll be getting right now wouldn’t even meet the 40% of my previous salaries.

Disregarding benefits and monetary compensations, I am just holding on as to what hubby and I have come to discernment: that this work can serve as my ground to acquire new skills and hit extremely new experiences.

Surrounded by real good people, I am positive about this endeavor. Camaraderie among my colleagues and fellow employees has been a great advantage.

Though I am not completely decided yet whether to pursue this path or not, I know God would always guide me – His Spirit empowers me.


Myraine :-)

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