Monday, March 7, 2011

Jimmy Hwa Cu, Jr. - The Man of the Hour

Jimmy Hwa Cu, Jr. is Chinese by blood, a "green card" holder, a Filipino by heart, and a very flexible, competent and successful business man - the great mind behind the growth of Markenburg International Foods Corporation.

JHC Principles: What Our Boss Has In Mind

Tao sa tao. Lahat ay tao; tayo ay pantay-pantay.

Huwag pagkaguluhan ang isang kusing kung mayroong isang libo na pwedeng paghatian.

Huwag iiyak sa wala; hanapin at magpasalamat sa meron.

Golden Rule: Do unto others what you want others do unto you.

Everybody is equal.

In business, there has to be no emotions. You save that for your family.

Solve the problem; then get back into business.

Know your advantage and make it your foothold.

If you want to be better, always compare yourself to someone better.

Live with all integrity.

Do what it right no matter how hard it is.

Do whatever you need to survive.

I don’t care about what other people would say; all I care is what my wife thinks about me.

Sometimes the best deal we could ever make is the deal that we stay away from.

Live like a canary in a coal mine often refers to - Serve as a warning to others.

If you see injustice, speak up.

Learn from the past and work for the future.

Better stop the numbers than lose your soul.

Do not quibble at something you don’t know and understand.

Whatever is your advantage, maximize it.

Be careful with what you ask/wish for because you might get it.

How can you forecast your needs? Know your product; know your customer; know your competitors.

– JHC, Jr.

Markenburg is one of the leading Filipino confectionery manufacturers, catering the distinct needs of the market for more than a decade.

Strategically located in the outskirts of Metro Manila (Philippines), Markenburg started its operation in 1996 as a manufacturing company of marshmallows primarily for exports. After its successful bid in the international market, Markenburg committed itself to expanding its product line based on market requirements and decided to provide the local industry with quality products the international market is enjoying.

Currently, Markenburg is one of the respected food manufacturing companies, and considered one of the growth drivers of the Philippine confectionery industry. Heightening Competitiveness
Markenburg efficiently combines the strengths of local expertise with seamless global technologies, such as production machinery from Europe and packaging machinery from Japan.

A Commitment to Quality
Along with Markenburg’s unstoppable commitment in customizing its product lines according to market needs, the company is consistent in observing good manufacturing practices that protect the company’s employees, partners, and consumers. Furthering the company’s strict quality standards are the stringent quality control and in-house microbiological testing that ensure and monitor the safety and quality of all Markenburg products.

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