Thursday, March 24, 2011

How to Find a Good Nanny or a Reliable Yaya

Know Some Effective Ways to Find a Nanny - What, When, Where, Why, Who and How.

True, it is so hard to find the most reliable, loyal and honest nanny to whom we can entrust our kids, valuables, humble abode and everything. Honestly, hubby and I were having a difficulty settling on a "quite perfect one" long-term Yaya.

We perfectly know we are kind, fair and considerate enough to all of them but nothing seems to last. It is either they got sick, needed to leave for some personal reason/s, or worst, got caught and be put in jail for her to learn her lessons.

We always treat them as a family; we give in to their requests and never doubt or judge them; we make them feel they belong in the family and whatever she wants, she gets as long as she doesn't go beyond her boundaries and limitations. She can practice her freedom and her rights provided that it is lawful, fair and just.

However, most of them seem to go beyond their parameters and have become quite abusive. And so we now have this big problem and need to deal with this immediately. Otherwise, everybody suffers.

Here are some useful tips to help you find the "right" one and convince her to stay:

1.) Treat your nanny with respect – this goes a long long way in any relationship. They are not robots, make sure that you give them time to rest once in a while and give them rest days. Also, make sure you do not leave your children with them day in and day out. It is their job to help you with the baby, but ultimately, you are still the parent.

2.) Be kind – everyone is fighting his or her own battles, and so learn to be kind. If there are mishaps, then do not readily blame them or accuse them. Ask. Ask what happened, and don’t jump to conclusions. There may be times when you may question their judgment on things especially when it concerns poor child safety. On the other hand, you may be surprised, just if you’d take the time to ask. You may find out that they may just have a different way of viewing things, although faulty at times. But that’s why they’re nannies to begin with.

3.) Be generous. – While some people may object to this, i would say that it plays a big factor on why people leave. Plus, being generous doesn’t necessarily have to equate to giving money. You can be generous with praise when they did a good job. People like it when they get recognition for a job well done. Other things relating to this would be giving out their law-mandated benefits, such as their social security and medical contributions, that’s part of being humane.

4.) Trust, respect and consideration. It takes two to tango. It is a mutual relationship. Observe the Golden Rule. Otherwise, both parties would suffer and be miserable. So make the most out of your working relationship/s and get what you both deserve.

We’ll hope that helps you keep your good nannies, if you happen to have one right now. Otherwise, I hope it converts your current nanny or sitter into a good one. :)

But for now, just like you, we are also in search of a good one.

Now, do you know anyone? Please help. Contact us at 0915871-8721. :-)

A Yaya Indeed; A Nanny Indeed.

♥♥♥ Mai Raine ♥♥♥

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