Friday, May 13, 2011

Rants over Manny Pacquiao, his team, his Convoy and the Media at Quaipo Church

After breakfast at the hotel in Manila, Pacquiao, his team and his convoy proceeded to the Quiapo Church in Manila for a thanksgiving Mass... Hubby and I were both disappointed and dismayed by what PACMAN and his people did at Quaipo Church.

The Holy Mass was disturbed and destructed. Its solemnity, sanctity and holiness were extremely affected. He should have stayed in his vehicle until the mass ends so as not to disturb the Holy Eucharist and respect it. He is a Christian and shall live with it at all times, no exemptions. We were so upset that such acts were allowed by the "people" and the parish.

Regardless of his being a "Pambansang Kamao" or a world champion boxer, he should know his limitations. The sanctity of the Holy Eucharist is far more important than his arrival and his busy schedule.

We are so disappointed on how rude they can be - whether they are aware or not.

Discernment. Reflection. Prayer. Sensitivity. Respect.

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