Monday, January 30, 2012

Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR) Gets in the New7Wonders

Proudly Filipino!

Congrats, Pinoys!

The Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR) in Palawan has just been declared as among the official New7Wonders of Nature winners. The recognition will now pave way for a new campaign – to vote Puerto Princesa as one of the New7Wonders Cities in the World!

No less than New7Wonders (N7WN) President Bernard Weber came here to the Philippines to formally announce the inclusion of Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR) in the

New7Wonders of Nature, as reported by GMA News on Saturday, January 28, 2012.
After the announcement, Mr. Weber congratulated the Filipino people during the press conference held at the Heritage Hotel in Pasay City.

“When your very own President Aquino came out in support of the PPUR campaign, I knew that this country was taking the New7Wonders of Nature seriously,” he said.
“Fans of PPUR all over the world responded to his call for action by voting in record numbers and today’s confirmation is the well-earned reward for this extraordinary display of enthusiasm,” he added.

Here are the Provisional Winners of New7Wonders of Nature in alphabetical order (official winners are in bold letters) as the announcement for the remaining 5 is still pending:
1. Amazon Rainforest – Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela
2. Halong Bay – Vietnam
3. Iguazu Falls – Argentina, Brazil
4. Jeju Island – South Korea
5. Komodo National Park – Indonesia
6. Puerto Princesa Underground River – Palawan, Philippines
7. Table Mountain – South Africa

When all the New7Wonders of Nature are officially proclaimed, a new global poll is set to begin.

This is the “New7Wonders Cities” in the world!

And since Puerto Princesa Underground River became popular for its inclusion in the New7Wonders of Nature, it will pave the way for Filipinos around the world to vote for Puerto Princesa in the new poll that will distinguish the 7 most wonderful cities in the world.
Beginning March 7, 2012, the next phase for the selection of “New7Wonders Cities” will begin.

To vote for Davao, Manila, Cebu, and of course, Puerto Princesa, click here.
Images courtesy of New7Wonders


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