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PEDRO CALUNGSOD – The Second Filipino Saint

PEDRO CALUNGSOD – The Second Filipino Saint

Blessed Pedro Calungsod’s long journey to sainthood will finally come to its end on October 21 – twelve years after his beatification and 340 years after his death. This celebration has also been the much-awaited day when the second Filipino, after San Lorenzo Ruiz, will be canonized in Rome as per the official statement of Pope Benedict XVI at Saint Peter’s Basilica on February 18.

He was a young man from Visayas – a catechist, a mission assistant, a sacristan, and a martyr. When he was sent to Guam in 1672, along with other Jesuit missionaries, they were tasked to build chapels to encourage the natives to convert to Christianity. They experienced hostility and resentment for spreading their faith, but they were really committed to their mission even if that would mean sacrificing their own lives. They also suffered from religious persecution and martyrdom for their missionary works.

Calungsod is often illustrated as a young man wearing camisa de chino. He holds the martyr’s palm that indicates his death, or sometimes a crucifix, catechism book or rosary that represents his mission.
The Roman Catholic calendar of Martyrology celebrates his feast along with Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores every 2nd day of April.

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