Sunday, September 29, 2013

Overflowing of GOD's Blessings - I am Always Grateful and Thankful

Blessings Overload: Happy Marriage, Great Family, Stable Career

I set aside my career for almost five months now and I don't have any regrets of doing so. While I enjoy my quality time with hubby and Eieo, our little bundle of joy and source of pride and inspiration, I am thankful to God to receive calls from companies and interview invitations. These companies on various industries were able to extend their impressions on my credentials, skills, and experiences (and yes, I am so thankful and happy about it!).  Job offers seem to come to our doorsteps - showering us with great compensation packages, benefits and incentives. 

Oh LORD, please help us decide on this. As always, Papa GOD, Ikaw na po ang bahala...

Right now, hubby and I are both praying for what is really best for me and our family. We know HE knows best and so we trust Him so much that THY will be done - saving the best for us.

Payback Time
God has always been so good to us and our families. We pass the good deeds on and see to it that we share our blessings in our own little ways - help others and make them feel blessed, special and happy. Whenever we make someone smile or cheer him/her up, it simply gives us the joy and the fulfillment we could hardly explain - that feeling of keeping you feel light and making you wear smile all day long.

Sharing Our Tons of Blessings
Yes, it doesn't take big amounts of money to help others and share what you have. You may wish to extend a helping a hand and join us as we continue to help an orphanage. Let us organize an outreach program and make these kids and other people so happy.  Let us celebrate life this way as we touch another person's life and be an inspiration and an ultimate blessing to everyone.  :-)

Help the orphans today as you also make them smile, feel happy and blessed.  This is under the initiative, supervision and care of Rev. Fr. Rogelio (Roger) Cruz, a “Bahay Ampunan” in Area H, Phase II, Brgy. San Rafael, San Jose del Monte, Sapang Palay, Bulacan.

Let me know... Thanks 0915-871-8721

To GOD be the GLORY!

GOD bless us all.   :-)

Cheers to good health, long life, happiness and prosperity!


Mommy Mai

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