Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What Eieo Prays For - a Gift of a Little Sister

EIEO Prays for EIEA

Every time we see Eieo praying,
Hear him saying, wishing and hoping
 Soon a little sister on Mommy’s tummy
… such a beautiful baby, a gift for me and daddy.

In tears, hubby and I would kiss him and pray the same,
And yes, Eieo wants Eiea to be her name,
… baby shower, everything is ready,
all your stuffs, even your soon-to-be favorite teddy.

Eieo’s short prayers and never ending wishes that soon,
we’ll paint our sanctuary with rainbows, stars, sun & moon
simply make mom and dad, happy and proud…
for receiving life’s greatest blessings from our Almighty God.

Adding our home with another bundle of joy,
A baby girl please… an answered prayer of our little boy,
Wishing that soon we’ll be laughing and playing with our two kids,
And for now, a precious daughter is all we need.

To GOD be the Glory!

Please come down, little angel. 
Your mom, dad and brother are all waiting for you, 
so excited to see and kiss you. 
Eiea, please come home.

Lots of love,
Mommy Mai


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