Monday, March 3, 2014

Pray, Work and Love - Let's Pass the Good Deeds on

Hubby and I have been an inspiration to many lives - even in our own little ways. Yes, we have been passing the good deeds on since day 1 and sharing our blessings to others. And we know that Eieo is a gift from above, fruit of our labor, reward for doing acts of kindness, and many others. He is indeed God's blessing, such a great bundle of joy. We couldn't thank God enough for giving us such a wonderful kiddo - smart, bibo, loving, adorable! 

Getting pregnant is very hard for me since I have PCOS, hormonal imbalances, ovulation disorder, etc. And since I have been undergoing several baby dancing work-ups and activities (i.e. medications, therapies, etc.) - all these things just to conceive again and be blessed with another kiddo, a daughter whom we'll be named as Eiea.

After rigid consultations with my Ob-Gynecologist (a specialist in high-risk pregnancy, infertility and pregnancy loss) and a year of regular, bi-monthly check-ups and ultrasounds, hubby and I finally decided to engage in Chinese alternative medicines and routines (i.e. fertility acupuncture, ventosa, massage, etc.) - these sessions shall be done at least once or twice a week. Though each session may be really expensive, we are willing to invest in these activities just to have Eiea (with God's grace). All for Eieo's happiness and for Eiea.  :-)

To know the good news, please see details below for your information and reference for we have found great people to help us and to extend their expertise and guidance in our desire to bear another baby, our unica hija.

Sr. Regina Liu, SMIC
St. Francis Health Care Clinic 
#19 Panay Avenue, Quezon City Philippines
Telephone: 02-373-5503
Mobile: 0917-541-5464
Sr. Regina Liu (Chinese name is Shengrong Liu)

Wellness Sanctuary Clinic - Binondo
3/F Lucky China Town Mall, Binondo, Manila

Wellness Sanctuary Clinic - Wilson
Wilson St. Cor. P. Guevarra, Greenhills, San Juan (Beside Asiatrust)

Wellness Sanctuary Clinic - Makati
Makati City Ansa II Bldg. Rm. 203 Pasong Tamo, Makati City

God bless us all.


Mommy Mai

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