Friday, March 28, 2014

Found a New Gem at Jocelyn V. Cacas Montessori School

Hello my dear readers and followers!

It was one ordinary day in February 2014 when I decided to scout for another school for our unico hijo. I asked a former student, now turned into a teacher, friend and daughter, if she could recommend a good school nearby our place. 

She recommended Jocelyn V. Cacas Montessori School, Inc. in Heritage Homes, Loma de Gato, Marilao, Bulacan as it has good standing in terms of academic competitions and many others.

I then tried to look for it and see how it appears to parents who are in darn need of a good school. After some research and scouting efforts, sometime in March 2014, we finally decided to drop by to Jocelyn V. Cacas Montessori School, Inc. (JVCMSI) to see it for ourselves. 

We visited the school and talked to some teachers whom we saw in the campus.

The school heads and teachers, including the staff and personnel, were all accommodating and courteous. They answered our queries and facilitated all other issues in relation to our strong intent to have our kids enroll in JVCMSI. 

This made us feel happy, blessed and hopeful that finally we have found a ‘gem’. Though this is not that ‘near’ to our village, we are still willing to give it a try.

May we be blessed with this decision as we are really determined to work hand-in-hand with them as we commit ourselves to be their partners in rearing our kids and preparing them to a brighter future.


Hopeful and blessed,

Mommy Mai

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