Thursday, August 6, 2015

New Nestle Chuckie Buddy TV Commercial Made Me Cry a River

Mother's love is priceless. 
A mom is always willing to sacrifice, give herself in, take risks, and let go of her own happiness -- all for the sake of love, her love to her family. 

Being a mom myself for more than seven years, I know how much I love my son and what I can do for him and his dad. With God's grace, I am able to perform my #MommyDuties and be a #NinjaMom or an #OctopusWife. I always thank God for giving us life and good health... Being able to wake up with these two great men on my side makes me joyful and positive that life will surely be at its best no matter what. 

I sacrificed a promising career to be with our kiddo... I'd like to be with him during his childhood. As I always say, "Minsan lang siya magiging bata... Childhood is something that I cannot get back in case I'd have ample time and resources to do so in the future."

At hinding-hindi ako nagsisisi. And I think, never will I ever be. 

What do we still pray for?
Over the years, we have been humbly praying for the blessing of a daughter #Eiea. And we know that in His time, we will able to have her in our arms.

Hey folks, this is not a paid blog post!
I just want to promote advertisements like this - inspirational, very touching... trying to move emotions and perhaps change a life. I hope and pray that since media have become so powerful and influential, might as well, we use them right, positively. Through these means, we can touch a heart, promote positive change, and make a difference even in the simplest ways.

Catch the newest Nestle Chuckie Buddy TV commercial here: 

These words made me cry even more... as I sing to myself: 

She can slay all the dragons... 
She’s got lasers for eyes... 
She’s my ace co-pilot 
when I conquer the skies; 
She can cast magic spells 
with the greatest of ease, 
She may be my Mom... 
But she’s always a buddy to me. 
She’s my captain, my hero... 
She’s as strong as can be... 
She may be my Mom... 
But she’s always a buddy to me.

Fellas, it's perfectly right... "Minsan lang sila bata, sabayan mo na."

Kudos to Nestle Chuckie Buddy team for this great move!

Some of you would even want to quit their jobs and stay at home with them, spending their childhoods with you. 

Lucky are those who could do this... and I always praise God for allowing me to be one of those blessed moms.

Being a parent is no joke... but the perks and rewards are priceless.

Thanks be to God.


Mommy Mai

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