Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Warning: This is More Than Just a CCTV Commercial. Watch the VIDEO to Find Out Why

I encourage everyone to spend a few minutes for this post and video. This man abused the homeless guy every time he saw him sleeping in front of his shop or sitting nearby. He didn't bother or care at all -- all he wanted was to get rid of him and perhaps, never see him again.

The turning point was this:

Watch this video to know what really happened to the homeless guy and why did this commercial tear me up into pieces. And oh by the way, get yourself ready when the owner of the shop finally found out the truth through his Vizer CCTV camera. It was really heartbreaking!


Mommy Mai

Disclaimer: Not a paid post. Not in any way connected with Vizer. 

Just wanna share some good vibes... please do the same, fellas! Thanks!

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