Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Farewell Message To A Very Dear Friend -- Mrs Jeanette Dela Cruz-Vasallo

Photo Credit:  Sis Jaja Fabio Dela Cruz
Taken on the third day of her wake,
a lovely butterfly stays with us all throughout.
We love you, Ate Jeanette... a great friend who will be forever missed. 

A Prayer for a Friend... 

Almighty Father, eternal God, hear our prayers for Your daughter, Jeanette, whom You have called from this life. 

Give her eternal rest as You let her pass in safety through the gates of death, and live forever with all Your saints in the light You promised to Abraham and to all his descendants in faith. Guard her from all harm; and on that great day of resurrection and reward, raise her up with all Your saints. 

In Your mercy and love, forgive whatever sins she may have committed and grant her eternal life in Your kingdom. 

Lord Jesus, our Redeemer, You willingly gave up Yourself to death so that all people might be saved and pass from death into a new life. 

Listen to our prayers; look with love on Your people who mourn and pray for Jeanette. 

Lord Jesus, You alone are holy and compassionate; forgive her sins. By dying, You opened the gates of life for those who believe in You; may Your perpetual light shine upon her. 

Receive her soul and bestow her to God, the Most High. By Your glorious power, give her light, joy, and peace in heaven where You live forever and ever.  Amen. 

Gaya ng ating napag-usapan, gaya ng ipinangako ...

We will surely finish the story of your life -- very inspiring. 

We will write about it and let the whole world know how you, your life and your big heart have blessed and moved so many lives. 

Meet our "Principal in Heaven"

Photo Credit: Kuya Joel Dela Cruz
Congratulations, Ma'am Jeanette. 

You truly deserved this!  We are so proud of you! Yours is indeed a celebration of life.

I'd like to share her loving husband's message... 

The husband, Sir Benedict, finds strength and comfort from her "perfect" wife. He knows that even up to this time, she is still making ways for the entire family to feel how much she loves them all. Their faith in the Lord is admirable that their strength has always been so contagious, very inspiring.

To our dearest Ma'am/Ate Jeanette, we love you so. You're indeed a gift and a blessing to all of us.

Be our angel and send our kisses to our dear Lord. 

Til we meet again, my friend. I love you.


♥♥♥ Mai, Ren and Eieo  ♥♥♥

Watch this video... her favorite song: 

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