Tuesday, January 12, 2016

An Inspiring Story About Blended Families -- Ex-Husband To The New Hubby: I'm Supposed To Hate You Because You're Doing The Things That I Could NOT Do -- BUT I Love You For That, Man

OMG. This video made me cry. 

It's about how brave and humble an ex-husband and an ex-wife in dealing with the new ones, the stepparents of their only son... amazing and admirable. 

I've just become emotional -- not that I could relate -- because their words are so moving, so powerful that they'd make you grab tissues. Sniff.  :-)


Mommy Mai

P.S. What hit me? Oh, these lines...

A challenge to his manhood:

Jamey: "You're doing the things I couldn't do, and I love you for that, man!" 

... "You are a man of integrity, a man of skill. You are a beautiful husband."

... "I admire you and am grateful for you."

... "I know how powerful it is for a boy to see that his mother is loved because that's how he's going to treat his wife. And you're doing it for him, doing the things that I could not do. Am supposed not to love you for that but I do."

Disclaimer: This is never intended to promote divorce. The author/blogger always believes in a lasting marriage and a happy family. She hopes and prays that hers becomes the union that God wants their marriage to be. 

Cheers to a love of a lifetime!

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