Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Silence, indeed

Through the years that we are together, I have always been the communicator, someone who is fond of telling stories, so open, transparent, expressive, and somehow talkative. I have been so used to this because I am who I am. I discuss what I think should be discussed about; I tell stories which I think worth the time; I consistently express whatever I feel to let you know what is inside me. I sincerely do these things only for one intention: to be open, to be me.

However, lately I have just realized that things are not doing so well between the two of us. With this, I must say that it now hurts and this really affects me. I haven’t thought of what the exact or right thing to do. All I know is I need a break, a retreat. Please don’t get me wrong. I just want to discern and weigh things out. For who knows, this may even benefit you.

I always wanted you to be happy but it always turns out the other way. I apologize if you think I am possessive. Don’t worry. Now, I will really try not to be one. Forgive me if I need to keep myself somehow away from you. I just want us to realize each other’s worth.

I am not sure what may happen next. But, this is what I want right now for I have just decided not to talk, interact and communicate with you.

Hasta La Proxima Vez…

(This has been an adaptation from the life story of someone who needs to regain something, which she thought she lost for such a long period of time.)


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