Saturday, October 25, 2008

What my aunt has to say…

I remember how my aunt emphasized her tips to a better marriage during our big day, our wedding day. When it was her time to talk and share advices based from her own experiences, she told us that it is through an open and honest communication we can achieve a successful, fun-filled, satisfying and harmonious marital relationship. Here are some her points on a happy marriage:

• Communicate. Talk and listen. (Sometimes, listening is far more effective than talking.)
• Never make money an issue. Whatever he owns is mine and whatever I own is his. Everything becomes a conjugal property or belongings. (However, it is never bad to save on your own or have money with you.)
• Be intimate and affectionate. This should never be taken for granted as this gives spice and keeps bonds or ties stronger and tighter.
• Let go of petty quarrels. Arguing is not bad at all; however, having much may hurt the other or both of you and may even put the marriage at risk.
• Enjoy doing things together. Whatever the activity is, what matters is you both have good quality time together. Date and enjoy your time together.

Getting married for a year, ten months, a week and two days, I must say that these tips really helped us out. However, no matter how hard we try, still, there are some inevitable circumstances, which go between us. Though, I believe that these also make our love stronger.

I have learned a lot from our marriage. Each experience and moment I had with my hubby has always been special. Whether is has been good or not-so, I am happy that we were able to take something from it.

To all hubbies and wives out there, keep the love burning.



Ismail N said...

I must say that your aunt was right. The only problem is that it work in theory only (with due respect). In real life, we tend to forget all the advises and that's when things go wrong. Still good tips though.

Eric S. said...

Such good advise. Marriage is work at times, the relationship does not just maintain itself. It helps when you have advise such as this to help keep you centered and on track.

surjit said...

Thanks Myraine,for sharing practical tips.I admire your insights.
God bless.

sYjAnE said...

hi...wonderful message...i learned since im getting married this november.......

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Stacy said...

your aunt fot it wrong. what's his is mine and what's mine is mine.

the other thing is its okay to get hysterical its not okay to get historical

Dilasari Hidayat said...

May I add ano more advice? It's better to be always open and honest to one another about money. No matter how small or big the sum of money you've spent every day, just tell it to your husband. Hopefully your marriage life will be uncomplicated.

Sandie Lee said...

Worthy advice. Marriage is certainly something that needs to be nurtured and tended to.

And, is that your little one in the pic? So adorable!!!

Dali said...

Very sound marriage tips! It definitely needs constant nurture and attention. I really appreciate you sharing your aunts advice.

Dali Burgado