Sunday, October 12, 2008

Slowdown a Bit

The world of today offers a variety of great things and possibilities. Recent inventions and innovations make our lives faster and more convenient - our tasks easier to accomplish. Yet, despite of it all, I wonder why many people still are uneasy and seem to be weary of everything that is happening.

Reflect on these scenarios:

Are you a person who barely meets your deadlines and always receives memos from your boss?

Are you always annoyed when other motorists block your path?

Can’t you stay in the same lane during long hours of driving?

When is the last time you read a good book?

Do you seldom spend quality time with your spouse and kids?

In the middle of a heartfelt conversation with someone you care about, does your mind drift to deadlines, appointments, and stuffs that need to get done?

Do you seem to be so impatient and short-tempered lately?

If your answers are all yes, I think you should start to pause for a while for discernment – to weigh things out. Admit it. You are moving too fast and you don’t even know what you are missing. Well, better take time to read this write-up as it aims to help those busy people who certainly need a break.

Maybe then, you should try to loosen up from your daily dealings and slow down a bit. Have some time to relax and free yourself from your worries, pressures and distractions brought about by your work, business and other unnecessary socializing.

Practically speaking, things in life have been changing so fast and people have become so busy with so many things – personal life, family, career, business, work, and others.

Sometimes, they tend to commit more mistakes and have many failures as they try to accomplish all responsibilities and meet them all. With their very busy schedule, they need more time to meet all these things and forget that they have their priorities.

Being preoccupied has never been healthy; instead, it only makes things worse, more complicated, and creates many lapses. Therefore, busy people must take a good break, a time for leisure, relaxation, fun and enjoyment. These can be in a form of having some quality time with their family, loved ones and friends; hanging out in a mall or park; visit a charitable institution; read a good book; or, attend a retreat or recollection.

I remember the story of a logger who outsmarted his two other fellows after a long day of work. These two other loggers persistently kept on cutting their subject without even having their break. Despite their effort and hard work, they still failed to meet their quota for the day.

Wisely, the thinking logger performs the task slowly, having ample time for resting. Yet, he accomplished the job earlier than what was really expected.

At the end of the day, the two loggers asked him why though he took time to rest and relax, he still managed to finish the task and meet his quota earlier.

The wise logger confidently said to his fellows, “It is because when I freed my mind and cleared my head from work anxieties and pressures during the whole time I was resting, I was also able to think of a better plan and strategy. And this really helps me achieve my objectives for the day. So, I think that was what you two missed out.”

Personally, this story has inspired me to find time to unwind and loosen up. I have valued the importance of taking a break and freeing my mind from work-related stresses. In this light, I do hope that the same things will happen to you, too.



Anonymous said...

At the end of the day we must find time to sit down, relax and unwind. We must put away all thoughts of the day and renew our minds. I do this through prayer and meditation on God's word. I enter into His Holy presence and find the peace of mind that I need. This is a wonderful post! Loved reading it. Blessings!

Eric S. said...

Great post. There are too many distractions these days, and it is wise to slow yourself down. Give your mind time to catch up and review all the possibilities.

Taking a break, resting, and meditating are excellent ways to refocus your mind, and help you through the day.

Thanks for the reminder.

manju said...

What you have written is very true. Nowadays everyone wants to live life 'in the fast lane'. In our hurry to 'get somewhere' we forget that we are missing out on important things in the present.

zunnur said...

Hi Myraine,
A great post! I love the questions asked at the beginning of it.

The community is moving so fast. Sometimes its just too hard to pause as the people around drag us along. Its just too hard to make people realize that we can't keep on going at high speed.

HASSAN said...

Thank you make me your friend.I will do this just now
Thanks once again......

Buddha said...

Modern life is too demanding and many times I have no time to slow down. My trick - method - of dealing with that is to alternate my work. If I have a lot of mental work I stop and do some physical work to relax, and vice versa. It’s fighting fire with fire.

Lorie said...

I think it is VERY important to find time to JUST BE STILL! I don't know many people who do that anymore. And I think it makes all the difference.

T.R. Mintz said...

I think your blog is really insightful and I enjoyed reading it.If you're wondering I stopped reading and ranking blogs a few weeks ago.

June Saville said...

Good to meet you Myraine. Thanks for making me your friend on BC.
It's certain that a mother's life changes utterly with the birth of her child. I'd agree that meditation and balanced activity would be good ways of helping yourself cope with those changes.