Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How Your Guardian Angels Can Help You

Do you believe in miracles and angels as well as having your own guardian angel to save you from any harm and protect you to the best that he could? Do you know your guardian angel? Do you know how he can help you live your life to the fullest as he lights your path towards Him? Well, read on and realize how your guardian angels consistently stay with you and amazingly guide you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

We all have our own guardian angel to protect and guide us all through out – day and night. However, not all of us are aware, who is our own guardian angel and how he can help us in many different ways.

Our beliefs that there are guardian angels can actually inspire us to do, think and feel good about ourselves and among other people, our fellowmen. If we have been touched by an angel, for sure, it has also changed our lifestyles as well as the way we see life and its wonders.

Guardian Angels: Helping Us in Many Ways

I’ve mentioned earlier that our guardian angels play a very vital role in our life and in our spirituality. When we are in the womb of our mothers, we already received two great blessings: the gift of life and the gift of an angel. Supported by Biblical scriptures and other reliable references, the existence of guardian angels has become recognized by Christians around the globe since the early 5th century.

In today’s modern world, we can always count on them for immediate guidance and spiritual assistance whenever we think we are on a struggle, a test of faith, or a tough time. Our guardian angels, our invisible protectors are also believed to keep us not just away from any harm but also from any temptations, giving us the protection and the strength that we need. Most of all, our guardian angels make us believe that God truly exists.

My Experiences and Journeys

On a personal note, I consider my guardian angel as my security blanket, my spiritual confidant and my very best friend. Being with me since birth, I have been confident enough to be at my best and be that someone God intends and designs me to be. If ever I have done wrong or felt depressed and stressed out, in my quiet time, he suddenly becomes my medium to come closer with my Creator and my Savior. With him, I know that I am well-guided, protected, safe, secured and blessed.

After saying my prayers and my intentions, I can perfectly admit that I am intellectually recharged, physically replenished and spiritually rejuvenated; only through praying I can feel and experience this one in a million total make-over. From there, I can regain my strength and enhance my wisdom.

Take a peek to this traditional Catholic prayer to one's guardian angel as I used to say this when I was a kid along with my other classmates, playmates and friends.

Angel of God, my guardian dear
to whom His love commits me here.
Ever this day/night be at my side
to light, to guard, to rule and guide.

May your life be always touched by an angel, then, today and forever. Have a peaceful and wonderful Christian life to live. Let us also not forget to see the angels in other people, angels in human disguise – I think that’s the most important.

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Bruce said...

I believe in Guardian Angels also and some of them are right here on Earth. Some of them are called Moms and Dads and Uncles and Sisters,Brothers, teachers, Dr., next door neighbors and best friends to name a few. I also believe in the unseen ones as well. You have a nice blog here.

My blog is http://www.saywhatyoureallymean.blogspot.com