Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our Love on a Cake

Personalized and extra special, our wedding cake was one of the things we listed on top of our wedding planning and preparation priorities. We wanted it to look and appear so unique that’s why we had a couple on top of it with a very unusual character to project. That was the same as our love, imperfect but so unique and special – incomparable and irresistible.

As we tied a knot last December 16 of 2006, we were so grateful and overwhelmed to live as one, be blessed by GOD and be loved by His people after all the things that we had been through – trials, struggles, tests of faith. Our love is definitely tested by time and handed over by destiny. (so sweet!)

We thanked GOD then, today and forever… as His will and plans always work well and turn out to be the same as ours, we are so grateful for all the graces and blessings we have.

In our 7-year of relationship and a decade of friendship, our Little Prince, our dearest SON, Leo Antonio (Eieo for short) is the greatest gift we’ve ever had, the most rewarding experience, and the best accomplishment and achievement.

As more and more people would love to willingly help and support us by all means, all the way, we've sincerely and religiously pledged to always pass the good deeds on.

We are happy, thankful and overwhelmed; and forever, we will be – I’m sure.

May we continuously have a fruitful, happy, successful and blessed married life. Let’s keep the love burning, sweetie.

To God be the glory…

Wedding Cakes…

Wedding cakes are essential parts of any wedding ceremony around the globe. These sweet, tasty and mouth-watering treats have long been a symbol of the newly-wed couple’s good luck charm for a happy marriage. Although the size, shape and contents of the wedding cake have changed quite drastically through the centuries, the tradition of the cake itself remains constant.

Although its appearance and style may continue to change and adapt in years to come, the wedding cake will always retain its ancient symbolism and honored place at all wedding receptions.

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