Thursday, October 29, 2009

Minimalism at Home…

Before the traumatic fire and flood incidents happened and took away the material things and resources that we have, hubby and I used to really buy things from different shopping centers - malls, bazaars, online shopping stores and the likes. We would certainly have these material things and resources in our shopping carts, whether we necessarily needed such or not.

But certainly not now, after those tests of faith, we have decided to practice minimalism: to only buy things that we basically need, life’s basics. Today, we only settle for the best, most reliable and quality appliances, furniture, utensils, house wares, and many more. However, we only settle for one of all kinds – one set of and for everything. We now put everything in place – exactly where they are expected to be seen – spacious, light, refreshing, relaxing, unique, innovative, creative, appropriate and beautiful... yet truly affordable.

Now, we’ve only got the right and best things that our home sweet home can only accommodate.

I love it more. I love each piece exactly where and how it is placed and designed to make our little bungalow a mansion, our dream house. Laughs and chills!

Minimalism is our style, our choice and our decision. Now, you can make yours. Enjoy!


The Pope said...

I have read about your recent misfortunes and I am really sorry to hear about it, it really strikes me to note that all of our worldly possession can be taken away from us without any warning through natural calamities. A real test of faith on us by the Almighty which brings us more closer to Him.

And I admire that despite of these traumatic events that unfolds on your lives, with faith and courage you were able to move on and start a better life with new hope in your heart.

Life is Beautiful, Keep on Believing.

Rae said...

If there's one thing where minimalism helped me, it's with getting focused on the things that are really more important.