Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Test of Faith in 2009

"Mai, if we know how to embrace God's blessings, who are we not to accept life's trials and sufferings, His challenges." - Hubby Rainier

A fire incident (May 7, 2009) took everything away from us, our houses, things, properties, assets, savings, and a lot more. We have nothing except each other’s hands, our son, Eieo, families, relatives, friends, clients and colleagues. We had no material things at all.

Though this traumatic incident happened right after planning our future, of a better life and a more stable and happier lifestyle, we were proud to say that we were able to accept the fact that though we had to get detached from all of these earthly stuffs, we never felt sad, worried and depressed. In other words, we never thought that we could actually live with nothing at hand.

Despite of it all, we were still thankful and grateful to GOD for we were able to cope with and recover from that test of faith – the fire incident.

Unexpectedly, on September 26 (of the same year, 2009), we faced another test of faith. We were some of those who got affected by typhoon Ondoy’s (Ketsana) aftermath. For the second time, we needed to turn our backs to our house, things, properties, assets, savings, and a lot more just to save ourselves from this calamity. We had to relocate to save our lives.

On our way out of the house and as the floods were coming our way, destroying many houses and properties, I was only thinking of one thing: GOD has His plans – even a lot better than what we have.

However, the saddest part was we lost a loved one – my father-in-law passed away. He was drowned because of very high, unexpected and unusual floods. It was too late when it was his time to get rescued. Losing a loved one is indeed the most painful of it all.

When that happened, one thing was running in my mind: I had to be strong for my hubby. He needed me the most at these trying times and so I did – thank and praise GOD.

Honestly, we were hurting; we cried, mourned and grieved BUT we never asked GOD why. In fact, our faith and trust in HIM get even stronger, better. We are holding on to HIM – tighter than ever. He is indeed our source of inspiration, understanding, wisdom and strength. And prayers have always been so powerful, so calming, so reliable, such a relief, our spiritual energizers.

These are indeed tests of faith and we strongly believe that God has His plans after all. Again and as always, we are optimistic that we can surpass all these trials and be able to recover with God’s help, in His time.

Thy will be done.

God bless us all!


Sorcerer said... are right.
god has a plan for all.
his tests will make us strong.

Carennedy said...

That's an enormous struggle to deal with and your faith sure sounds strong. I hope he will provide you with the help and strength you need to continue.