Saturday, April 17, 2010

Facebook 101: What I Love about Facebook

I am truly a certified Facebook (FB) fanatic – something I think I must be proud of!

I love Facebook. Its applications and features are all good, innovative and interesting. I personally enjoy every application, game or feature FB has. Through this social network, I can relax and get energized, rejuvenated and recharged even if I just stay in my own comfort zones.

Reading and posting ideas and thoughts on its “walls” as well as looking into my FB friends’ profiles, photos, videos and blogs excite me more. I consistently create notes as lecture guides or handouts and immediately tag my Tertiary students in the University for their information. This strategy is indeed appreciated and loved by my students as they are most of the times online – helping them save much time, effort and resources.

Also, Facebook gives me the privilege to set up a fan page or a group for some good purposes: recreation, work, business and entertainment. Fan pages and groups allow me reconnect with old friends and meet hundreds of people who have the same interests and experiences as mine. Through this feature, I can instantly send those people in the group an email regarding some updates, inputs and even reminders. FB definitely makes me save lots of time.

Allowing its users to discuss and share interests and ideas on various topics - anything under the sun, FB makes communication a lot easier; self-expression has become really possible and achievable; disclosing oneself has been less difficult and challenging; and, sharing networks has been both very effective and useful.

Most of all, I appreciate and thank FB for the privilege to getting closer to clients, old friends, distant relatives or loved ones, former colleagues, and even our mere acquaintances whom I’ve lost contact and communication with.

I simply love my FB account. Well, I hope you’ll create yours, too – as soon as possible. You might be missing its fun, excitement and pleasure. Indulge and experience the kind of convenience and satisfaction that FB provides – not just to my hubby, my family and friends but also to all those Facebook addicts and enthusiasts like me!

For me, Facebook is indeed...
My social networking website and personal software.
My outlet and haven.
My stress reducer.
My home and my virtual friend.

♥♥♥ Myraine ♥♥♥

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