Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Happy Fruit

Some Filipinos like us are used to calling the Yellow Yummy Banana as a happy fruit. Rich in fiber, potassium and other vitamins and minerals, which are all essential in living a healthier and happier life, banana promotes healthy digestion and creates a feeling of youthfulness.

Hubby Ren and I are both happy and thankful that our son, lil Eieo loves to eat banana (saging in Filipino) before or after his meal especially at lunch time. He’d get one from the table while smiling and giggling; he’d immediately peel it off on his own and take one big yummy bite. We can always see and feel the excitement, joy and satisfaction he’s experiencing every time he eats banana.

We’re so proud of our precious one – a toddler who loves eating banana as well as other nutritious fruits, vegetables and fish. Well, not all kids would love to eat those foods, right?

A banana a day keeps you smiling and happy all day. Take a bite today and feel great about yourself.

Encourage and motivate your kids to eat and love bananas, I’d love to pass the good news on. This happy fruit can surely help our children grow healthier, smarter and happier. Happy eating!


rjs mama said...

my son also loves eating fruits -- banana, apple, mango, grapes

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Alice Phua said...

Oh, my toddler son loves the banana too, but he seems choosy on the breed of banana. He will only eat the 'berangan (Malay language)' breed. For other breeds, he will take a bite, chew, then realize that it doens't have the 'berangan' fragrance, he will hand the rest of the banana back to me again! :D