Wednesday, November 14, 2012

ALFM Mutual Fund - BPI Trade: Our New Investments

Hubby and I always tend to look for some possibilities to earn and save more as we both want to have a more passive income for our family especially for our dearest unico hijo, Eieo. 

And now, we were so grateful and overwhelmed to finally have a chance to spot a great deal to start with - investments. We have decided to invest in mutual funds through ALFM mutual funds via BPI Trade. 

We were glad that we have finally settled in and wish that these ventures would prosper and work for us and our funds. Our hard-earned money only deserves to be invested in a scheme or portfolio that is more secured and stable. 

So, being a newbie in investment vehicles, we found mutual fund a great deal to go. We have to have fund managers to lend us a hand and make our money work at its best.

We are in faith, in prayers and in commitment that this new baby venture will blossom into something big, a blast and a blessing indeed.

To GOD be the glory.


Mommy Mai

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