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Women Empowerment 101 - Loving Yourself More

I was browsing the newspaper this morning when I came across an article about empowering oneself written by Ms. Cory Quirino. And here's what she has in mind:
Empowering yourself
By Cory Quirino
Philippine Daily Inquirer
1:44 am | Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

There are simple and practical steps that can have a profound effect on your well-being.

Let’s wire or rewire the brain by programming ourselves.  We all know that no change is ever possible unless the mind accepts it as truth.  What are your truths?  It’s time to analyze your belief system.

Many people might be lazy and resistant to change simply because they feel that it requires hard work.  Or, that it translates to giving up the things they enjoy the most.  A classic example is Elena, a housewife saddled with three kids who  wishes she could lose another 10 lbs.  

The idea of exercising in the morning after everyone is out of the house is overpowered by the need to rest.  So, for her the choice is either the gym or the bed.  We know which way this is going, right?  And yet, Elena grows more dissatisfied with herself as time passes.  Eventually her displeasure  will deteriorate into low self-esteem and depression.  With these come the need to self-indulge with overeating.  It’s a vicious cycle.

What Elena needs to understand is that the root cause of her problems is herself—her indecisiveness and lack of perseverance stem from the inability to believe.  She needs to love herself more.

To Elena and many like her, I advise:

1.  Practice self-love. Don’t be in denial of your own needs.  Be honest with yourself.

2. Prioritize.  Make a wish list of the things you want to happen in your life.

3. Practice “me” time. That’s right.  Declare a specific day or time of the week to focus on you and your wish list.  Make it happen.

Our minds are so powerful that reality begins from our thoughts.  So if we think it, then the probability is high that it  will happen.

Under control
A complete sense of being empowered is the knowledge that you and I have every situation under control.  And that’s a good thing.  So let’s explore some control measures that we can do everyday.

The focus is on prevention.  There are many lifestyle and behavioral changes that we can make starting today.

Reduce food intake.  Restrict calories sourced from refined and processed foods. Overeating is a no-no.

Increase exercise.  By  doing so you avoid weight gain and obesity.  Exercise plays a pivotal role in lowering the risk of pre-menopausal breast cancer by 23 percent if females exercise regularly between the ages of 12 and 35 years.

There is an urgent need to train children early on in life. The only real way to combat diabetes and obesity is to exercise.

Don’t smoke.
Take the right vitamin and  mineral supplements.
Learn and regularly practice stress management techniques.
Give yourself enough rest and sleep time.

Do you know that…
The risk of lifestyle diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses can be dramatically reduced with an adequate intake of fruits and vegetables.  These foods are rich in phytonutrients that help prevent cancers of the lungs, breast, colon and prostate.

High flavonoid foods like tea, chocolate, onions, garlic and moringa may lower the risk of heart disease by 20 percent.

The nutrient lutein (a carotenoid pigment in orange and yellow fruits and vegetables) can help prevent macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in adults.  A daily habit would be to include sweet potatoes, squash and carrots in your meal plan.

B complex vitamins can reduce the amino acid homocysteine in the body, thus reducing the risk of heart disease.  With B3, B12 and folic acid therapy, there can be a 16-24 percent lowering of risks.

Selenium combined with vitamin D and fish oil may significantly reduce the dangers of developing prostate cancer.  Be aware, gentlemen.

Juice it
Do you truly want to have a more energetic, slimmer body? Is it your dream to have a glowing complexion?  Would you like to start a detoxification program?  Here is my wellness advice.

Start practicing the habit of drinking fresh, natural and, if possible, organic fruit and vegetable juices.

When taken raw and unexposed to heat, juices are packed with enzymes that directly nourish our cells.

Must do:  Drink healthy by going green and rainbow colors.

Invest in a good juicer.  If you have no juicer, try a blender.  But the downside of a blender is that the end result is mashed food.  You need to extract the greatest amount of live enzymes in a slow and no-heat manner.

One of the best juice extractors most nutritionists recommend is the Hurom Slow Juicer which uses the patented low-speed technology system (call Hurom at tel. 0917-8108822 or 9267782).

Trivia:  Vitamin C is especially sensitive to heat.  And this is why, while a cup of hot calamansi juice may be soothing to the throat, it has no vitamin benefits.  With the proper juicer, you can juice fruit even with the skin and tiny seeds intact.  This is great news for health buffs indeed.

For more information and details on this article, please feel free to visit their Lifestyle Page on PDI's web page. Click HERE.

Happy reading! To all my fellow women, wives and mothers out there, let us love ourselves more by pampering oneself and giving quality time to our needs. Indulge, fellas! Hugs.


Mommy Mai

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