Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Amalayer: Paula Jamie Salvosa - Who is She?
I was looking for what to blog this morning when I came across on FB this buzz word - Amalayer! I got so curious and started to ask google. After doing so, I found great links to the viral video as well as to some news about her. 

Although it's really fun to hear the "amalayer" thing on the said video, it's also alarming how some netizens criticized and judged the "amalayer" girl, Paula Jamie Salvosa, without knowing what really happened or what the real thing was. 

Though what the "amalayer" girl did was initially unpleasant and kinda rude, I think she does not deserve to be tagged as someone who's hindi nakapag-aral or a total disgrace to her family, her alma mater, and her community. That has been too much, unfair and an extreme exaggeration, right?

I mean, we could all voice out and rant about what and how we feel towards a person, an event, or an occurrence. Thus, twitter and FB are indeed powerful networking sites and tools to either making or breaking anyone or anything. This has been very alarming for all of us, netizens for the same thing could also happen to us. We can all be instantly famous, the newest talk of the town, or become "trending" (in a snap of a finger). 

IMO, it is not fair ... for that very short one-minute video isn't a good basis for us to say that she is so and so. Let's all be fair, spread love and make peace.

Lesson learned.


Amalayer - Paula Jamie Salvosa

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A video of a passenger berating a guard in a train station went viral on Facebook Tuesday night, getting more than 68,000 shares and 17,000 comments.

The hashtag #AMALAYER, which came from the passenger's pronunciation of "I'm a liar," even trended on Twitter, both worldwide and in the Philippines.

In a video sent by YouScooper Gregory Paulo Llamoso, the woman was seen giving the guard a tongue-lashing.

Llamoso said the incident occurred at Light Railway Transit (LRT) Santolan Station on Tuesday. The woman was later identified as Paula Jamie Salvosa.

Reached by GMA News, Salvosa said she is willing to resolve the issue with the security guard, though it was the lady guard who raised her voice initially.

"Sabi n'ya sa 'kin, sumigaw, 'Miss, anong problema mo?' Sabi ko sa kanya, you are my problem!" she said.

Salvosa added that the guard, identified as Sharon Mae Casinas, grabbed her arm. "Sabi ko, bakit? You have no right to drag me! Nagagalit ako kasi she grabbed me!"

Salvosa said she would not have reacted that way if the guard had treated her well.

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For her part, Casinas said she asked the woman to put her bag though the X-ray machine for proper inspection. However, Salvosa began raising her voice.

Casinas, on the other hand, said she remained calm despite the humiliation. "Nagkulong po [ako] sa kwarto sa sobrang kahihiyan," she added.

Salvosa said she is a victim of cyberbullying.

She also denied that she owns the Twitter account name @paulaharlow, as she has already deactivated her Twitter and Facebook accounts.

"I want to be an example na may karapatan naman tayo. Cyberbullying ito," she said. — BM, GMA

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Ashnia Vicente said...

You have a great and broad mind. You are not a one sided. Thank you for that. Amalayeris now a trending topic,in which, there are some people who are making her video just for fun.Let's have some peace here in the Philippines.