Thursday, April 18, 2013

Easy and Smart Answers in a Job Interview

Job interviews? Be worry-free as this post aims to give you some tips as to how you could answer interview questions. Be smart and confident! God bless and good luck! Cheers!

1. What does Music mean to you?
Music is my therapy. It moves me and makes me feel better, spiritually inspired, physically and intellectually motivated and emotionally rejuvenated. Music teaches people various ways to live, makes us feel good, and explains many things and situations without any effort. As they say, music can make you go beyond your limitations and feel powerful like never before.  Yes, for me, music is my food for my soul. The relaxing and soothing effect it could give its listeners is remarkably overwhelming. I couldn’t imagine my life without music.  

2. What advise would you give high school leavers in the Philippines on the under graduate course that they should pursue and the job prospects when they graduate?
Education is both a right and a privilege. Drop-outs and out-of-school youths must be strongly encouraged to go back into schooling and enjoy the fun learning experience. They should be assured of the kind of quality education they could get and go through over the years.

More so, it should be discussed to them that earning a degree or finishing a course could make them do things in bigger and greater ways. They could earn more and have more possibilities if they would finish their studies; they could make their dreams come true on a faster pace and at their own advantage and comfort. For as long as they have their plans and dreams, they could definitely achieve the desires of their hearts.

3. In what way(s) could you be an effective and efficient Personal Secretary/Writer?
Becoming an effective and efficient personal assistant and writer requires skills and experiences. You may meet challenges and pressures in your tasks but what matters the most is the ability of dealing with the situations accordingly and responsively. You must consider your boss as your mentor and partner, working together towards the same organizational or institutional strategic objectives.

Thinking of the best things to do and coming up with good choices or decisions must be a skill for you to carry out your task more effectively. You must also be open for suggestions and recommendations, for changes and development, and for more possibilities. Working with passion, commitment and professionalism is a key; it must be practiced and observed at all times. Most of all, you should never cease to learn and work harder to meet your personal and professional growth.

4. Why have you applied for this job and what are your career and personal plans?
Since I intend to work at home and accept home-based jobs as a freelancer, I have decided to give your job offer a try. Being a college/university professor for almost a decade, a mass media practitioner, a journalist, and a business executive administrator, I was able to obtain professional growth.

However, since I prioritize giving much time with my family (my husband and a kid), I grabbed online job opportunities like this just like what I did two years ago. And I hope that this again would work for me. I really wish to enjoy the privilege of working to make a living and achieve career growth while I enjoy the comforts of my home.

I think this job post would work for me as I have relevant work experiences of becoming both an effective personal secretary and an efficient writer.

All my previous work ventures are considered great learning experiences where I use and practice my knowledge, expertise, skills and experiences. I plan to still widen my horizons of more professional job opportunities as I work on with preparing myself to bear a second child. All these I wish to attain with His grace and blessings.

5. What are your comments /observations on the present standard of spoken English communication skills in the Philippines?
Having English as a Second Language (ESL) here in the Philippines, I could say that Filipinos are at far ahead with other countries when it comes to using English as their medium of instruction and communication. It is both an advantage and a privilege that we have English as a core subject in the Philippine Basic Education curriculum where kids and even toddlers are taught both formal and conversational English. This makes most of us proficient and fluent in using the language; thus, being exposed to using the language often helps us get used to it.

It is also evident that we’ve got more and more investors who would put up their business here – Business Process Outsourcing and many other third-party service provider business ventures. Meaning, foreign investors have trust and confidence with the communication skills of the Filipinos – be it spoken or written English. Many Filipinos are also hired as literacy coaches, online English instructors, and Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). These are just some of concrete and living evidences that could support my stand on the quality of spoken English we have here in the Philippines.

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