Tuesday, April 9, 2013

News Cafe at Ramada Central - Yummy Lunch Buffet

Hubby and I decided to dine in again at News Cafe, Mezzanine Level, Ramada Manila Central - but this time we would enjoy our dining experience with our unico hijo, Eieo. 

We arrived at the hotel around 11:55 a.m., Tuesday (April 9) after paying respect and saying our prayer intentions at Binondo Church, Basilica Minor of San Lorenzo Ruiz. 

We headed our way up to the mezzanine and were  greeted with sweet smiles from the entire staff. We really felt so welcomed and humbled to be dealt with accommodating, sincere and courteous Ramada Manila Central, News Cafe team. They're all awesome! Kudos!

Our Extremely Satisfying Dining Experience:
We tried to get a little of everything and decided to indulge in every bite. And we didn't go wrong to really try it out... Though they had fresh green salads, we didn't put it on our plate because we already had it in our breakfast buffet. And we wish to save much space for new menus.

To start the meal right and healthy, our appetizers:
Fresh Fruits - melon and watermelon
Creamy Mushroom Soup

Main Course:
Fried Rice, Mixed Buttered Vegetables, Moroccan Fish Fillet with Tomato Salsa, Roasted Rosemary Chicken with Capsicum Sauce, Baked Porkloin with Creamy Parsley Sauce, Cheesy Beef Stroganoff, Baby Back Ribs (hubby's fave). 

Carbonara was also awesome! So creamy and flavorful!

Eieo enjoyed the mushrooms and mixed buttered veggies. 

Eieo: Strawberry Panacotta and Crema de Pandan (plus two choco-dipped mallows)
Hubby: Red Kaong, Macapuno and Leche flan
Me: Classic Chocolate Cake and Leche flan

We tried a scoop of ice cream but failed to enjoy their very own halo-halo because we felt that we were so full. We also had no space for breads, pastas and other sweets.

What else could we ask for! This is the life - fun and oh so fulfilling!

Before we really enjoyed our breakfast buffet at News Cafe Ramada (read the previous blog HERE), today we say that we even love our lunch - enticing, flavorful, delicious and oh so palatable. Yum!

To the entire Ramada Manila Central team, keep it up and we look forward to more sumptuous and mouth-watering dining experiences with you. Cheers!

Special thanks to:
Ms. Gillian Ann Y. Sia Sin
Reservations and Revenue Specialist

... for working on my reservations and rescheduling. You've been so accommodating and so nice to me and my queries/concerns, of course.   :-)

As of the moment, hubby and I really would recommend this and would pass the good news on. So my dear readers and fellow bloggers, you may consider visiting Ramada Manila Central, News Cafe and enjoy your dining experience, too. 

This is really a must-try! You'll love it. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Oh well, let me get straight to the point.

Price - 4/5 (good at Php 595 per person)
Food/Taste - 4.5/5 (great dining experience)
Service - 5/5 (all were courteous and nice)
Ambiance - 4/5 (very relaxing and cozy but may be too crowded; space may be so limited for many guests)
Proximity - 3/5 (still need to take a cab though because we didn't bring Uno, our Suzuki Escudo as we would have a hard time finding good parking spaces and just couldn't imagine how long could we be trapped in a heavy traffic)
Overall Value - 4.5/5 (thumbs up!)


Mommy Mai

Ongpin cor. Quintin Paredes Sts., Binondo,
Manila, 1006, Philippines
Reservations Direct Line: +632 3544151
Facsimile: +632 3544152
Email: reservations@ramadamanilacentral.com
Website: www.ramadamanilacentral.com

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