Monday, September 14, 2009

The Best and My Favorite Post on This Blog

I would just like to repost hubby’s message for me days after giving birth to OUR Little Prince, our Unico Hijo, Eieo dated August 22 of last year, 2008.

He posted his message on my personal blog without my knowledge and permission – he did some intrusions on my blog (I perfectly love it though). When I checked my blog to make another post and to my surprise, I was overwhelmed and so kinikilig reading his words and message. Each word and every line had touched my heart and made me shed joyful tears - wasn't really expecting that.

I was so happy then because he seldom says I love you and expresses his feelings – he is not that expressive and showy. But, with this post, I know that I am still the woman he fell in love with almost ten years ago, someone to whom he spent his bachelor days with for five years and to whom he tied a knot almost three years ago. So, here it is… just want to share my happiness with you, my dear readers. Feel his love as much as I did. :-)


It has been a week since our little prince was born…
And honestly, I admire how you managed the pains and long hours of labor just to give birth to our precious one.
I know how you sacrifice even your life and I’m so thankful that God saved you from such risk.
No wonder, pain and hard work really result to glory.

Now, I love you more!
Not only because you’ve given me a child but also because I firmly believe you’re worthy of it.
Certainly, this is not a commitment but I will try my best not to cause you further burden.

I love you better…
I vow to take care of you and our offspring as long as I live.
Let us always replenish our love, everyday; avoiding petty quarrels that make our relationship uneasy.
Let us just focus on how we can abide by our promise to love each other and care for our children.
For who knows, we still are partners, couples even after our lives on earth.

Hope you forgive me for my intrusion. - Daddy Rainier

For me, this is indeed the best post in this blog. I love you too, Dad! Likewise, Mommy Myraine

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IVY said...

nakakakilig ma'am. :) ang sweeeet.