Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Just Need a YES or a NO!

Would he still be happy on our 25th anniversary?
Would he still get inspired by me and my existence?
Would he still believe in me as well as in my perceptions and insights?
Would he still admire and want me?
Would he still hug me on our Nth night together?
Would he still kiss me goodnight on my 60th birthday?
Would he still care even if I am old, sick and dying?

Would he still sing a song for me?
Would he still invite me to dance?
Would he still laugh with me?
Would he still enjoy being with me, sleeping next to me as well as our pillow talks?
Would his love for me be the same as what he used to?

Would he never get fed up and tired of understanding my weaknesses?
Would love never fade?
Would he never leave me?
Would he never leave for another girl?
Would he never be tempted?

Would this really be for better or for worse?
Would this really be for richer or for poorer?
Would this really be in sickness and in health?
Would this really be a lifetime commitment?

I really don’t know. So many questions, can’t find enough courage to ask. Please help.

Well, I just can’t help it; I am so in love with him.
It seems that I really can’t last a day without him;
I can never bear the idea that we can be so near yet so far.

All I am so sure of is that I love him more than I love myself.
I know this is wrong but what can I do. I’ve been like this for almost seven years now.

But is it really true that I love him more than he loves me?
Or, am I just too blind and numb to see and feel his extraordinary ways of expressing his LOVE for me?

But I graciously thank GOD for giving me the chance to love someone like this man,
for making me feel this way, and for allowing me to love and be loved.
Believe or not, I am never miserable.
Little did he only know that I am even grateful and so happy.
I feel so blessed and inspired.

Listen to this. I PROMISE, you'll always be in LOVE. Special thanks and appreciation to Yeng Constantino for composing and singing this nice song. Keep it up! You make Filipinos proud! Go girl...

1 comment:

Jayne said...

Hello Mairaine!

I bet he will still love you the way he loves you now no matter what...
Grow old together!
God bless you always!