Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ultimate Love for Photography

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Photography is indeed an art, a passion to most people nowadays. Taking pictures and capturing moments are both rewarding experiences that can give you such feelings of joy, serenity and satisfaction.

And with that, I know a friend smiles as she has so much love over photography as well as the great feeling of self-fulfillment her creative bits and pieces always give her.

In this post, I intend to feature a dear friend, Ms. Celine Paola Abacan, a fellow Marian alumna @ SMCM.

She had her bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Economics) at University of Santo Tomas.

With her passion and love over a handful of crafts that indeed make her creative juices overflow, she spends much of her leisure time on music, photography, culinary arts and other church-community services.

Seeing her photos/albums in Facebook, I was amazed how she has taken her photos with much passion. Even without formal schooling, you can see how her masterpieces can be a reflection of what's within her heart and mind. With that, we would like to tap and motivate her (through our own little ways) to pursue doing something she loves as this could really make her so proud, happy and fulfilled.

So Celine, keep up the good work and stay happy.
Cheers! We heart you so much!

See more of her works in her facebook. Love 'em too.

View Ms Celine Paola Abacan
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View Miss Celine Paola Abacan

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