Monday, July 12, 2010


Why Can't I Call YOU?!
Why Don't YOU answer my calls?
What's wrong?! Oh, there's really nothing wrong. It is just that...
You suck!

I can’t believe that crap Meralco gives you in their television, newspaper and billboard advertisements.

So funny and so ironic, they say they have an efficient customer service desk you can always count on for help, but it turns out they’re not so great after all.

It’s been hours and hours of calling their hotline numbers and so many contact numbers since we saw the burning post near our residence, at our place in the heart of Meycauayan City, Bulacan, due to some reasons we could not explain and never know.

I called the local baranggay office (the local equivalent of the town deputies) and they told me they had to wait for Meralco to respond (it’s not that alarming yet anyway. Sucks! What a f^&%$@* alibi?!)

I together with all our families and friends have been trying to contact Meralco’s 16211 customer service number to no avail—it was always unreachable or I get one ring and then a busy signal. Or worst, you’d be stuck in their lines ofr years.

In fact, the baranggay operatives had also been trying to call the Meralco call center and they didn’t have any luck with getting through, either.

I even tried calling the 117 emergency number to see if they have a direct line to Meralco, but it turns out they also use the Meralco hotline for cases like these.

They did give me a Globe mobile number to send SMS to, though (0917-5592824). I’ve sent a handful of SMS messages but I haven’t had any responses – trying to call either but failed to answer my calls.

So in the end, I don’t think anyone was able to report any incident. Things like these should take minutes and get a response in a snap of a finger – since it is indeed emergency and URGENT!

Meralco customer service sucks!

Now why am I so pissed with Meralco? Well, I think almost everyone is. While it is understandable for them to experience difficulties at quite some time, I would expect a company of its stature to at least enforce some measures to ensure its clients can at least get in touch with the help desk, especially during these urgent and alarming times – leading to a much worse scenario and incident.

Talk about customer service! I can’t even send a complaint or any feedback thru their website. All I get is an Error 500 or 404 message!

So here I am, trying to blog as always to let everyone know that Meralco customer service sucks!

So there you go. I hope you get to read this, Meralco! I couldn’t get in touch with you guys over the phone, thru your website, and not even thru SMS, so I’m writing my complaint here - in my personal blog.

After all, I pay my (expensive) bills on time (it’s not like I have a choice—you disconnect power only a few days after the due date). With this, we expect quality customer service in return. I know it’s NEVER hard to maintain a good and reliable customer service that can go round the clock 24/7, right?

Geee... Hoping that this little effort would reach their senses for better customer care services. I am hopeful though - keeping my fingers crossed. :)

♥♥♥ An AVID, Obedient and GOOD MERALCO BILL PAYER ♥♥♥

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