Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Organic Soaps and Body Bars

Cherish every part of your skin. These organic body bars and hand soaps only contain the most therapeutic, gentle and moisturizing plant ingredients. A great way to add the benefits of using essential oils to your daily routine.

In our ORGANIC SOAPS, you will find a range of premium organic soaps which are meticulously handmade in small batches using our special base of organic oils. Our soaps are formulated to lock in moisture from their natural ingredients and attract moisture from the atmosphere leaving your skin feeling soft, silky and utterly pampered! They are the purest and most luxurious soaps available anywhere and you can buy them direct from us, the manufacturer, at everyday prices.

Our Soaps are made using the traditional "cold process" method. This means all our soaps are never heated above 100 degrees centigrade in order to keep the natural glycerine of our organic oils. This is what makes our soaps perfect moisturizers, smootheners and softeners. Some people find these amazing moisturizing, rejuvenating and refreshing effects so effective that they stop using moisturizers and other skin care essentials.

Our manufacturer guarantees that the ingredients they use are advantageous to our skin and health, as well as our mother nature.

Using the only pure, natural essential oils to scent their soaps, as well as many organic herbs that give their wonderful color, our supplier assures us that NO artificial fragrances, colorants or preservatives are used or added in any of our soaps.

You can be rest assured that the soap that’s touching you as well as your loved ones skin is as pure to nature as is possible.

With that, we are so proud to offer a very healthy and natural skin care alternative!

Try them now and see for yourself.


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