Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Love My Online Shops =)

Online selling is both a hobby and a business. This has become my passion from the time I started to stay with my hubby and our unico hijo at home - working full time or part time over the Internet.

And yes, it has always been so much FUN.

To figuratively and literally break the monotony, I finally decided to put up my very own online shop/s. At first, it was kinda risky, challenging and time consuming. But on the first week, I was so lucky to immediately receive orders here and abroad.

Thank GOD, clients-turned-friends did trust me right away and began placing orders, bulk orders. Maybe it was really the right time, the perfect timing to sell our authentic Leisure 18 slimming coffees, creams and other slimming products - all naturally proven safe and effective.

With the kind of credibility I have as an online seller, I was able to gain lots of resellers and drop shippers here and abroad.

With this, I could say that Return of Investment (RoI) has been quite fast - unbelievably so sudden, too soon that I wasn't able to notice that I am beginning to love what I do and enjoy the fun of online selling. Above all, I love the kind of camaraderie I establish among other people... not to mention, the quality of time I am able to give to my family, the financial freedom, the convenient schedule, as well as the rewarding and still very challenging experience.

Online selling has been my passion, a hobby and a fun, rewarding experience that I can always rely on. This has been so much fun - something to take me away from boredom and monotony.

I ♥ Online Selling!

For inquiries, questions and orders,please feel free to send me an email at

Contact us at these numbers: (Sun) 0932-72855-44 or (Globe) 0915-8718721
Order yours today and see great results! Enjoy!

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Happy Shopping :-) With us, Beauty is Fun!

♥♥♥ Mai Raine ♥♥♥

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Ron said...

Best of luck with your new online business. I will be going there shortly.