Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why Use Mineral Make-ups?

Mineral Make-ups 101

Mineral make-ups have the special ability to heal your skin while you're wearing it, improving your complexion and giving it a natural glow. Non-comedogenic, hypoallergennic, dermatologically-tested, clinically-proven and guaranteed all natural and organic, our US branded mineral make-ups even provide natural sun protection that are tagged as natural skin care products - completely suitable for all skin types.

Mineral makeups impart a perfectly radiant flawless finish, hiding fine lines and wrinkles, while immediately conceal your blemishes and eventually heal them. Containing natural minerals for sun protection and cell regeneration, mineral make-ups are being loved by many women out there especially my friends, loved ones, families and Me.


Benefits of Mineral Makeup:
- Perfect for any skin type
- Hides and heals skin problems (acne, allergies, scars, etc)
- Minimizes pores and oil
- Natural look that stays on all day
- No expiration date
- Made of 100% pure minerals
- No harmful ingredients
- No chemicals, preservatives, or parabens
- Does not cause skin irritation or inflammation
- Dermatologists recommend in the US and the Philippines
- Hypo allergenic, non comodogenic

So what else are you waiting for? Try mineral makeups today and discover the solution to all your skin problems!

We commit ourselves to selling make-ups that are made of 100% pure minerals. All skin care products are BFAD approved and registered : NO chemicals or preservatives which may irritate and further damage skin.

It has a lightweight feel, exceptional coverage and a wide range of colors, allowing you to look flawless and feel confident. After a few months of using our products, you will see a noticeable improvement in your skin.

Indulge, my dear girlfriends.

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Happy Shopping :-) With us, Beauty is Fun!

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