Friday, November 5, 2010

Our Dear Travel Buddies - Spongy and Uno

My Family’s Suitcase is Now Officially ON...

Everything is set – our family suitcase, our everyday essentials, our traveling needs, and a lot more. And yes, we are so ready to go.

Traveling is our therapy, our passion and our ultimate addiction. It gives us the satisfaction only it can. Even without spending much, we can maximize our time and resources to enjoy the quality time we have during our family adventures.

We’ve just bought our very first car, a light blue pearl mini SUV, Suzuki Escudo (SideKick – Sports Edition) and named it UNO. Please see our pictures with our Uno and see how happy we were, especially our Unico Hijo, Eieo. Now, we can stroll and travel elsewhere, anywhere and anytime.

More importantly, Uno would be of great help to us as we pursue our little ventures in our growing business. And together, we earn, share and enjoy life to the fullest – passing the good deeds and the wonderful blessings unto others.

In my old posts, you’d learn that in year 2009, we experienced a series of traumatic incidents – fire, Ondoy (typhoon), floods, and a loss of a loved one. Indeed, all these things happened on the same year – taking everything away from us, leaving us with nothing but our love for one another and of course, our Faith in HIM.

Despite those tests of faith, we managed to keep our faith stronger – holding each other’s hands towards a brighter and better tomorrow. Truly, I will forever believe in my THREE F’s: Faith, Family and Friends.

Now we are so overwhelmed that GOD has always been so good to us. He always makes us feel so blessed, loved and special. Sometimes hubby and I think that we are uncertain if we deserve all these good things that are coming along – surprisingly. What we have done to enjoy this kind of life – simple, meek yet so fulfilling… a life that most of us have been dreaming of.

Thanks be to GOD!

Once again, join me in my journey as my growing family takes some little steps and enjoys a very long yet so much fun drive, towards life’s bumpy roads.

Yes, I know that it will definitely be a fun and exciting drive along. Join us as we venture, discover and indulge every day’s blessings.

Beautiful places, here we come! Applause!

♥♥♥ Mai Raine ♥♥♥

By the way, SPONGY is our three-year old HONDA Wave motorcycle, our first travel companion that we can really depend on - at all times. =)

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