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Apak-Apak WHD Healing Mat - A Miracle Foot Massager Magnetic Mat

Prevention is better than cure. Yes, indeed. Read on as I personally recommend this great product and invention of a Filipino genius. Happy reading! 0915.871.8721.

This excellent product which is also known as "apak-apak" or WONDER HEALING MAT is a 12x12 inches square rubber with 400 studs in different heights and 20 magnets that helps to activate the Natural Healing Power of the human body.
Apak-Apak WHD Healing Mat

These 400 studs of WHD Healing Mat is use to apply pressure onto particular areas of the soles of the feet. A reflex action in another part of the body is stimulated by the manipulation of each specific area.

According to Chinese medicine, the sensory nerves of the internal organs that spread throughout the body are mainly gathered around the soles of the feet.

As we’re now living in a new civilization, walking with barefoot is not a usual practice. We recommend using the WHD Healing Mat to cure your illness and to prevent different kinds of sickness.

Just walk or Apak-Apak on WHD HEALING MAT for 30 minutes and you will see and feel the amazing results.
Great BENEFITS to Your Health:
Relieves pain and stiffness caused by too much exercise or excessive use of muscle.
Helps prevent and cure many symptoms such as headache, stress, asthma, constipation, sinusitis and migraine.
Boosts  blood circulation
Helps the body's function to naturally return into its homeostasis
Proven effective for healing the following sickness: Immune system power booster. Voice improvement. High Blood. Diabetes. Chest Pain. Prostate. Migraine. Headache. Stomachache. Toothache. Stiff neck. Fever. Shortness in breathing. Muscle Pain. Sinusitis. Sore throat. Sore eyes. Gum problems. Eye bags. Cyst. Varicose Veins.  Arthritis. Aids. Cancer. Stroke. 

Proven good in the following: Blood Circulation. Respiratory System. Digestive System. Urinary System. Nervous System. Liver. Gall Bladder. Spleen. Pancreas. Heart.        

WHD Foot Massager Magnetic Mat
Proven to ease your: Back pain. Lower back pain - relieving all body pains. 


If a person's blood becomes too thick it can damage blood vessels and increase the risk of heart attacks. But a Temple University physicist has discovered that the human blood can be thinned by subjecting it to a magnetic field. ~ Source: ScienceDaily June 7, 2011

Rongjia Tao, professor and chair of physics at Temple University, has pioneered the use of electric or magnetic fields to decrease the viscosity of oil in engines and pipelines. Now, he is using the same magnetic fields to thin human blood in the circulation system.

"By selecting a suitable magnetic field strength and pulse duration, we will be able to control the size of the aggregated red-cell chains, hence to control the blood's viscosity," said Tao. "This method of magneto-rheology provides an effective way to control the blood viscosity within a selected range."

After a lot of experiments and experiences it is discovered that many physical and chemical properties of body water changes when it is exposed to the influence of weak magnetic field. These changed properties, namely, its temperature, density, electrical conductivity, surface tension and viscosity exist for a long time. The blood is also a fluid hence it is also influenced by magnetic fields and its properties also undergo a change when it is brought in contact with magnets.

The blood consists of many inorganic salts and its important constituents and the properties of blood change under magnetic flux. This changed circulates through the whole body and provides beneficial influence on the entire body and relieves or prevents many ailments, thus affecting human metabolism.

Magnetic fields exist and do interact with the constituents of human tissues. All physical matter including ourselves consists of atoms and molecules, all moving about, some slow, some fast, depending on their molecular make-up. For instance, iron and nutrient rich blood cells are heavy and move slow, blood returning to be replenished moves fast. This constant movement in our bodies’ causes’ friction, this friction gives us heat in the form of body temperature. This movement that causes temperature also causes a magnetic energy field.

Affect of magnets on hormone secretion:

The joint effect of internal heat of the body and external heat caused by the magnet improves the function of internal secretion of hormones. The transmission of blood is done rapidly against this heat. The capillary vessels spreading all over like a net around hormone secretion tubes expand to a large extent and thus concentrates oxygen, which gradually supply hormone secretion into the tubes. By using the magnets continuously, various diseases caused by the lack of hormone secretion can be improved. The magnetic flux enters the tissues and works to regulate hormone secretion which preserves youth by providing energy and by normalizing the functions of the internal organs.

Affect of magnets on Pituitary Gland:

The Pituitary gland in human body is a ductless body located at the base of the brain, which always discharges hormone secretion. It helps in the body growth. The magnets can help the boys and girls to increase their height to some extent up to the age of 14-15 years in normal cases by increasing the secretion from this gland.

Affect of magnets on acceleration of Self-Curative powers:

The magnetic flux is a natural healing power and it revitalizes the self-healing property of the human body. The strong magnetic flux enters deeply into muscles, fatty tissues and bones and thus gives intense relief to the nerves. The use of magnet helps to improve even incurable diseases in a short period and increases self- curative powers.

Heart and Geomagnetic Activity

The link between the heart attacks and the geomagnetic activity is discovered by the scientists of the National Geophysics Research Institute, Hyderabad. The fluctuations in earth`s magnetic field are caused by solar flare and sunspot activity. These scientists also noticed that heart attack cases generally occurred during geomagnetic disturbances showing rapid fluctuations and pulsations. These pulsatory fields react with human heart or brain electrical potential and cause heart attacks or psychiatric disturbances in persons who are not otherwise in perfect shape and condition.

So, what are you waiting for?


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