Monday, January 7, 2013

Making My Marriage Last a Lifetime

Dad, Mom, Eieo and Eiea
I love him. He loves me. We've got love. But is that really enough? Love is so powerful that yes, it could move mountains. We have love and we're willing to stick together to keep this marriage alive, burning and kicking. We'll do whatever it takes - just to grow old together and to keep our vows of a lifetime commitment.

Yes, our isn't perfect and I know it won't ever be. But I know I am so blessed for having my hubby as he has loved me all his life though he isn't that expressive and showy about it. He has his own little ways of making me feel loved ; he has shown and taught me love differently. Now that I understand his language of love, I have been trying my best to read between the lines and appreciate all his actions and gestures towards me and our family. 

I have been married to my dearest hubby for more than six years now and yes, it has been a bumpy ride. We've got ups and downs (limited only to petty quarrels and misunderstandings) which I believe are just normal and part of discovering life and marriage. I am very thankful for not having big issues and problems with him (I just didn't know is he has on me, I hope none either). I am still very grateful to GOD for blessing me with a husband whose heart is as big and as good as what I have prayed for. 

We have differences; we've even have some gaps and misunderstanding at times but that could never be a reason to keep us apart and lose this great feeling, love. I could never imagine how life would be without him. I always pray to live a longer and happier life with him on my side as whenever I see our hands together, I feel overwhelmed, blessed and fulfilled. Holding hands - priceless. 

Having Eieo in our life has made our life better and a lot happier. And I think, when we finally have Eiea in God's time, life would be at its best, the happiest ever. Yes, love is enough to keep us together and make us stick to this lifetime commitment. 

And I'll make this marriage last forever. How? I'll do whatever it takes just to get pregnant again; we'll be working our way to have another blessing. With fingers crossed, we will have Eiea soon. I believe and I pray. 

Hugs and Kisses,

Mommy Mai

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