Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hanuman Bags : Guaranteed Durable and Stylish Bags - Proud Filipino

Hanuman Bags are Filipino-made bags - these are durable, classy and affordable. Guaranteed authentic and high quality as we are also using these bags. Having its lifetime warranty, you surely won't be stressed out. You'd love its durability and style. 

Try them now. You may read online reviews and testimonials.  :-) We have tried this Filipino brand, we have been so proud. You should join us today. Be in the loop and be proud! 

Try Hanuman now, buy Hanuman Bags today!

For those who couldn't go to Manila to buy these bags, you could text 09158718721 for your pre-orders. Our online shop ships via JRS and LBC. 

*The shipping fee, starting at Php 135.00 - depending on your location and the weight of the parcel, is shouldered by the buyers/clients. 


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