Sunday, August 24, 2008

I was…

I once dreamed of a happy family with the usual, typical members – a father, a mother, and their offspring. This was simply because I had none.

Since I came from a broken family, I missed to experience the joy and fun of being loved and cared by a father. I didn’t have a father figure to look up to. But, I am still indeed thankful to be loved and raised by a single parent, my greatest mom as she was supported by her mom and dad (my one and only grandparents), and her siblings as well.

They all helped me out, nourished and nurtured me to be the best someone that I am right now. My achievements, my career, my views and values in life – I owe these all to them.

However, I guess it still feels a lot better to have a family and a home that you can really call your own.


Jacqueline Smith said...

When you've found something good, hold on to it! Thanks for sharing.

Tikno said...

You are great person.