Monday, August 18, 2008

When DAD talks to our Son…

The long wait is over; finally you’re here with us,
your proud and thankful parents.

We still don’t know what to come
but then we’re hopeful that we can keep our vows
to nourish you and to provide you only the best.

Not because it is our obligation;
but because we love you dearly and unconditionally.

We will not require you to follow our steps;
but, please try not to ruin our noble dreams for you.
All we pray is that you grow old in God’s love –
bringing goodness to people and inspiring them to do good unto others as well.

Be brave yet wise.
Excel in your chosen craft yet be compassionate,

Be careful with your steps;
but then, if you fall, keep in mind
we are behind you to catch you still…

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