Tuesday, August 5, 2008

LOVE’s images…

The word LOVE brings to mind different pictures, expressions and emotions. It may remind us of cupid’s arrows stringing two hearts together….

… of a soft silhouette of a girl and a boy against the reddening sky against the sea walls of Rizal park.

… of a fragrance and beauty of three roses standing still in a gentleman’s hand.

… of a the locket we wear close to our hearts or simply a sparkling ring we bring often to our lips.

… of a sophisticated yet the sweetest letter written on an unconventional paper that was kept for years and when read in the most unexpected time, it can always make the recipient smile for quite some good reasons that only he/she can understand.

Likewise, it is a touch that warms the hearts and deepens angle of promises and commitments.

It is something that makes happy moments happier; beautiful things more magical; and, every good desire of the heart possible.

Simply, it is planning, dreaming and finding new ways to share depths of companionship, trust, care, affection and intimacy.

Our experience of love may be exalting and exasperating, thrilling and saddening. Love is a relationship that comes as a holy gift from God. It lightens our life, gives meaning to our existence and enriches our personality as well. It is meant to be really fulfilling and strengthening – both a privilege and a responsibility.

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