Friday, August 22, 2008

Loving My Wife More

It has been a week since our little prince was born…
And honestly, I admire how you managed the pains and long hours of labor just to give birth to our precious one.
I know how you sacrifice even your life and I’m so thankful that God saved you from such risk.
No wonder, pain and hard work really result to glory.

Now, I love you more!
Not only because you’ve given me a child but also because I firmly believe you’re worthy of it.
Certainly, this is not a commitment but I will try my best not to cause you further burden.

I love you better…
And I vow to take care of you and our offspring as long as I’m living.
Let us always replenish our love everyday; avoiding petty quarrels that make our relationship uneasy.
Let us just focus on how we can abide by our promise to love each other and care for our children.
For who knows, we still are partners even after our lives on earth

Hope you forgive me for my intrusion.


Laura Duksta said...

What a beautiful post! It felt good to experience some powerful love through your writing.
I found your post because I've written a book called "I Love You More" and receive an alert when the phrase is used. You may want to check it would make a great gift for your wife and the little prince ;-)
Congratulations! Have a bright and blessed lifetime!
Keep Shining!
Laura Duksta
author, I Love You More

Jacqueline Smith said...

Wow, I feel cherished and I'm not even her! Congratulations, all the best to you new Dad!